Monthly Archive: May 2018

Photo of a couple sitting in front of a sunset during retirement

Why Maxing Out Your 401K Might Be Foolish

Retirement planning advice often recommends saving as much as possible, including maxing out 401Ks. But we turn into rich fools when we aimlessly accumulate more wealth without a plan or purpose. Like other financial goals, we should approach retirement intentionally with a specific goal in mind. That should include a financial finish line that guides contributions.

Image of a family sitting in front of a desert house in a small village in northern Chad

I Gave Away $10,000. It Cost Me Nothing.

To celebrate the first anniversary of my journey of generosity, let’s play a personal finance game. I call it “Financial Independence vs. Radical Generosity.” In this article, I’ll weigh the costs and benefits of a $10,000 charitable donation against the impact the same dollar amount would have had on my personal finances. Through this exercise, I show that it’s possible to make room in your budget for generosity and not worry about your financial future.